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I always felt like there was something important about this particularly little scene that I’ve never seen analyzed, where the animals, his friends and family, basically EVERYONE whom the Onceler knew and loved abandoned him, and it’s just him and the Lorax standing the midst of the devastation that the Onceler created.

He just sort of turns around and looks at the Lorax apologetically, but also with what looks like a glimpse of hope in his eyes like the Lorax can do something to make it all better, or at the very LEAST forgive him and hope that he doesn’t leave him like everyone else has. It breaks my heart because you can clearly tell like he’s trying to smile, and at this point he’s practically desperate for any words that the Lorax has to offer, because he’s always had something to say to him, right?

But of course, true to the book, the Lorax can only shake his head sadly and leave the Onceler with his factory. He not only broke his promise, but betrayed him as a friend.

Anyways, I’m glad this scene was brought up by the commentary.

"And even in the animated performance here, you see the Onceler about to say something, it feels like, you know, is he going to apologize?"

"And the Lorax just sort of, you know, it’s just too late."

Someone please hold my hand while I try to get through this movie I am literally tearing up right now

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